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This Privacy Policy page on the Loan Guruji Blog maintains an account of all the privacy policies of this blog; Which applies to all visitors whether they have read it or not.

Date: 08-Jun-2022

Changes: No changes have been made yet.

I am sorry but as I told you above that this Privacy Policy is applicable to everyone who has ever visited Loan Guruji blog (

You can be immediately blocked from Loan Guruji Blog ( for breaking any of the below mentioned Privacy Policy.

Again I want to tell you that if you agree with all the privacy policy given below, then only come to Loan Guruji blog ( and even if you do this without reading it, your consent will be considered.


See Consent means consent, so if you have to come to Loan Guruji blog ( and if you have come by mistake then all this privacy policy is applicable on you at the same time.

Therefore, it is very important that you know all the policies that are applicable by visiting Loan Guruji blog (, so it is given here.

It is my humble request to you that please read all these Privacy Policy carefully and understand what is applicable to you because you should be aware of it.

Again, let me inform you that all the privacy policies given below are being applied to you, so it is your duty and responsibility to read them carefully.

Knowledge Collected

A lot of your information is stored on Loan Guruji Blog (, whose list is given below, along with an attempt has been made to tell you the reason for their collection.

  • Your name (on comment)
  • Email ID (for commenting)
  • Phone number (on writing the number in the comment)
  • Comment Content (when you write a comment)

The above list is of information that is stored on the Loan Guruji blog (

Use of Collected Knowledge

You have been told above that some of your information is stored on the Loan Guruji Blog (

There are some situations in which they can be used. What are those conditions, their information is given below.

  • To maintain the facilities of Fundpur.
  • To make your facilities accessible to all of you.
  • For any kind of contact with you.
  • To prevent any kind of fraud.
  • Can also be used to improve your service.

Log Files

You may not know anything about Log Files, but as long as I am, you do not have to worry about any kind.

What is Log Files is explained below so that you know what it is and how it works and how to use it.

First of all, know that Loan Guruji Blog ( also uses Log Files which is according to its standard procedure.

See, first of all you should know what is Log Files? Whenever you visit a website, Log Files logs you.

Nowadays the use of Log Files has become common and most of the hosting companies use it to do many analysis, it is an integral part of it.

Log Files contain many information like your IP, Browser Type, IASP, Date, Time, Entry & Exit Page etc. but it does not contain any of your personal information.

Let me also tell you that the purpose of these log files is to do some trends, monitor the site well, keep information about your activities on the website etc.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Most websites use cookies and Loan Guruji Blog ( is no exception as this blog also uses cookies.

The use of cookies is to know the preferences of all of you and also we get the list of pages and posts on which you have visited with the help of cookies.

See, it is not at all that cookies collect your personal information, it just gives us details of your activities on our website which we can use to provide you better assistance.

Ad Networks Policy

Now finally let’s talk about Ad Network Policy. Look, let me tell you that I use Ad Network on Loan Guruji blog to earn some money, from which I get some money.

But I do not hinder your convenience in doing so, so the best ad network Google AdSense is used on Loan Guruji blog (

Also, you should remember that whatever ads you see are not in the hands of me or fundpur because they are based only on technologies like your search history, cookies, web beacons, so we can not make any changes in them.

Google AdSense is used as the Ad Network of Loan Guruji Blog which uses technologies like cookies, web beacons, search history, user experience etc. to show you ads.

Although all the privacy policies of Loan Guruji Blog ( are favorable to all of you, yet if you have any problem with them, then you can contact us by clicking on Contact.